Stressed? Use This Acupressure Point to Calm Your Mind

Use this acupressure point to calm stress

How many times this week have you said, "I'm so stressed"? Maybe it was just once, or perhaps too many times to count. As New Yorkers, we're constantly "on", running from one place to the next, juggling our work and social lives, and dealing with sensory overload (subway performers, anyone?!).

Need to take your stress down a notch? Here's an acupressure point you can use at home, for immediate, natural relief.

Acupressure Point To Calm The Mind: Governing Vessel 24

  • How to find it: Place your pointer finger in the middle of your forehead and slide it about a half-inch behind the hairline. You're now on the point.
  • Press the point with firm pressure for 1-2 minutes, taking deep breaths into your abdomen. Imagine your tension melting away.
  • This point is used for calming the mind and reducing stress. It has a close relationship to the brain and the heart, and when it is stimulated, it produces a profound sense of calmness.
  • If your stress is accompanied by frontal headaches and eye pain, which are all too common in people who stare at tiny iPhone screens and work at computers all day, it's an especially good point to know. I use this point on myself after a long day, or for eye strain from my Instagram habit.
Erika of Prinz Acupuncture

My challenge to you: use this acupressure point at least once a day to calm your mind and reduce stress. Email me with your results and feedback. I'd love to hear about your experience.