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Prinz Acupuncture has been named one of the top 20 acupuncturists in New York City for four years in a row (2019, ‘18, ‘17, ‘16) by expertise.com; scored on criteria in five categories including reputation, credibility, experience, professionalism, and availability.

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“Erika is one of those special people who makes you feel 110% comfortable within minutes of meeting her. You can tell she’s a healer at heart. In other words, precisely the type of person you would entrust your well-being to. She does a lot of work with busy professionals and athletes, which made me feel at home because I’m both. She helped me dramatically reduce the nagging pain I’d been carrying in my left shoulder for over 18 months (in just one session). I always leave feeling rejuvenated.”
— Dominick Quartuccio, Speaker, Author, High-Performance Coach / NYC
“Erika is an amazing healer. She has helped me recover from both a severe ankle sprain and also a shoulder injury. As the owner of Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy, she gets my wholehearted seal of approval.”
— David Weintraub, Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Life Coach / NYC
“I suffer from a multitude of illnesses and conditions including chronic pain, severe nausea, chronic fatigue and GI and bladder issues. Having treatment with Erika is so wonderful for many reasons. She is incredibly thorough and takes a great deal of time to talk to me about what I’m dealing with and how my body reacts to treatments. She makes me feel so comfortable and cared for, and checks in with me a few days after treatment to see how I’m doing. Acupuncture with Erika is relaxing and gives me the ability to function better. She deeply cares for her patients, and works really hard to figure out how best to help them. I’m lucky to have found her.”
— Jill F., Teacher / NYC
“Amazing experience! I had an Acu-Facial and I love the results! Erika has great needle technique and I barely felt anything. Erika made me feel comfortable and relaxed.”
— Dr. Evelyn Baran, Dentist / NYC
“I have been working with Erika for about the last year and a half and I am delighted with the results.  I came to her with muscle tension and knots throughout my torso and into my neck and head, leaving me with considerable pain and dysfunction.  Substantially all of the pain has been relieved and ease of movement and relief of tension have been restored. Erika is a very talented practitioner, knows her craft well, is quick and decisive in deciding on the treatments she gives at each session, and works in concert with wellness professionals in related fields. As importantly, she is a kind and caring person who wants to help her clients, creates an atmosphere of safety and enjoyment, and is a sheer delight to be with.”
— Robert Freiman, Attorney / NYC
“Erika is a lovely, caring professional who made me feel completely at ease and comfortable throughout the entire visit. We discussed all of my conditions and decided on a treatment plan. My stress level and discomfort were immediately reduced. I look forward to future treatments and am truly grateful to have met such compassionate spirit.”
— Charlie B. / NYC
“Erika is a true healer. I immediately felt safe to be vulnerable upon entering her office space. The environment she has created invites restoration and recharging into the body and soul. I loved seeing the crystals she had carefully placed above, below, and around the table. Her kindness and gentle nature was such a warm welcome upon arrival. With delicate precision, she was able to place needles in points that I would usually consider painful, and her expertise with an artful touch is a true talent. Erika’s precision with needle placement and her immediate knowledge of what I needed was a true gift to my soul. Her desire to help me relax and release all blockages demonstrated her passion to truly heal others in distress. This is true compassion. I am honored to have received hands on healing from one of the very best healers I have ever met. Thank you, Erika!”
— Nikki Baksh, CEO & Health & Wellness Specialist / NYC
“Erika is a wonderful acupuncturist. I have been receiving acupuncture treatment for over 20 years, and I saw her for the first time this year. She by far the best needle technique I have ever experienced! There is absolutely no pain when she puts the needles in. And as a practitioner, she is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring. Her treatments have helped me tremendously with stress and anxiety, back pain, and repetitive strain injury in my wrists and forearms. I give her the highest recommendation.”
— Cindy Goodman, Chiropractor / NYC
“Erika is awesome. Her needle technique is the best I’ve experienced, she is extraordinarily confident and intelligent in her work, and I always feel amazing leaving her office. I have scoliosis and lots of scar tissue in my neck, both of which cause me regular pain and create limited mobility. Erika’s work has been very helpful in managing these issues.”
— Jon M., Licensed Massage Therapist / NYC
“Erika is an extremely kind and caring practitioner who really takes the time to get to know her patients and their bodies. Her touch is very gentle and precise, and I feel comfortable and safe when I’m in her care. Erika’s sessions calm my nervous system, relax my mind, release my muscular/fascial tension, and most importantly, decrease my pain. If you’re considering acupuncture for any ailment, I highly recommend working with Erika. She is a top-notch acupuncturist who I know will be invested in you and your healing.”
— Kristen Barrett, Pilates Instructor and Professional Dancer / NYC
“I had a series of treatments with Erika Prinz Freed, who is exceptionally talented. In addition to being a good listener, she is very intuitive about both the details and the bigger picture. There was definite movement in the condition I was treating. Erika’s focus was fully on me while I was in her care. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
— Valerie G. / NYC
“I’ve been getting acupuncture treatment for almost ten years now, and was going to different acupuncturists until I found Erika. She is by far the most thorough and professional acupuncturists I’ve yet experienced. She really listens and she is comprehensive and gentle during each session. She has helped me through multiple injuries, as well as with my regular maintenance and balance. Simply put, she is remarkable.”
— Alireza Sadegh, Chief Technology Officer / NYC