Group Breathwork Event: Spring Expansion - April 19th

Are you ready to breathe out the old and bring in new, fresh vibrancy for the Spring? Then join me this Friday, April 19th at 7pm for a Group Breathwork event. Otherwise known as active meditation, Breathwork uses a specific 2-part breathing pattern to connect to your body, move out stuck energy and emotions, and expand into your heart. Breathwork is part grounding, part catharsis, part community building and part psychedelic experience.

We're going to use this time together to breathe into self-growth and to create expansion in all its forms. Expansion in our creativity, our spirit, our health, our love, our intuition. I will guide you with my voice and support you with curated music, essential oils, and healing touch.

Please wear clothes that are comfortable for you to lie down in. Bring an eye pillow or cover if you like.


Address: 70 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This event is part of a month-long series of art and healing events in April. It is hosted by my friend and internationally-renowned artist, Katja Loher, and led by local and international collaborators like myself. Click here for the full schedule of events. Please join us and share the magic of community and collaboration.