Breathwork Healing at C24 Gallery

Thank you to everyone who joined me at C24 Gallery in Chelsea to share in a Breathwork Healing experience. We came together at the intersection of art and healing, as part of the internationally renowned artist, Katja Loher’s solo exhibition, “What is the Color of Scent.”

It was beautiful to see more than 30 guests (and a very well-behaved dog) gather under Katja’s glowing, muti-dimensional art, as I led them through the powerful meditative practice of Breathwork. My intentions for the experience were to introduce everyone to this powerful form of self-healing, and to help people deeply connect to their bodies, five senses, and the magical artwork surrounding them.

What is Breathwork?
Breathwork is an active meditation using a 3-part, fast-paced breathing pattern. It is a simple yet deep-seated form of self-healing that:
• Connects us to our bodies and five senses
• Moves stuck energy and emotions
• Deepens our intuition, memory, and creativity
• Opens our hearts

I now offer one-on-one private Breathwork sessions in my office, and will be offering more group events this Fall. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more or to experience Breathwork for yourself.

To learn more about Katja Loher and her work, visit