Meet Erika Prinz Freed

Meet Erika Prinz Freed, MS., L.Ac.

My life experiences infuse my desire and ability to heal others. I’ve suffered from chronic pain, I’ve led a high-stress business career, and I’ve navigated a lot of difficult emotional terrain. While we all walk in different paths, I channel my own experiences when guiding my patient’s journey towards health and balance. 

As a former ballet dancer, health and active living has been a part of my life for long as I can remember. I strive to impart my passion for wellness and knowledge of medicine to each and every patient I work with.

I was first introduced to acupuncture in my early 20’s, after sustaining a serious dance injury that left me unable to walk without pain. I sought out treatment as a last resort, without expectations.

To my surprise, it was the only modality that really made a difference.

Not only did I experience long-lasting pain relief from the treatments, I immediately resonated with the holistic and compassionate approach to healing. It was the first time a healthcare practitioner listened to everything that was going on and looked at me as a person, not just an isolated injury. 

Through my experience as a patient, I realized my life calling as a health practitioner. This led me to eventually leave my hard-earned, established career in marketing and public relations — ironically for pharmaceutical firms — to pursue my new path.
Acupuncturist, New York City, NY

I completed my graduate studies at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in 2012, where I earned my Masters of Science in Acupuncture (MS/Ac). I completed post-graduate training in China at the Beijing Traditional College of Acupuncture, a World Health Organization (WHO) affiliate, earning advanced certification in acupuncture and moxibustion. I am also certified in Constitutional Facial Renewal™.

Most recently, I discovered Breathwork Healing, an active meditation technique that facilitates emotional release. My powerful and positive experiences for my own self-healing led me to train as a practitioner. I earned my certification in Breathwork Healing for individuals and groups with David Elliott and Erin Telford.

In addition to healing inside of the treatment room, I'm dedicated to making a difference through philanthropic efforts on both the local and international level. In 2016, I was a medical service volunteer with The Humla Fund, in which I provided much-needed health care to residents of the Humla District in Nepal, the most remote and underserved area of the country. 

I’m led by the belief that true enjoyment of life is possible only when the body and mind are in balance, and I’m consistently amazed by just how powerful acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be.

It’s a lot more than just placing needles in points along the body. To me, it’s a dance of science and intuition, of touch and listening. Acupuncture is a graceful, intelligent form of medicine that can generate life-changing results. I’d be honored to share it with you.


advanced credentials

  • Completed training at the Beijing Traditional College of Acupuncture, a World Health Organization (WHO) affiliate, earning advanced certification in acupuncture and moxibustion. Program entailed grand rounds and treatment in some of Beijing's leading hospitals.

  • Certified in Constitutional Facial Renewal™ and Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, under the tutelage of Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, one of the leading proponents of facial renewal techniques in the world today.

  • Certified in Breathwork Healing, having completed Levels 1-3 with David Elliot and Level 1 with Erin Telford.

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Richmond, Virginia.